Dear yogis,

The state government of Baden-Württemberg has made an adjustment to the Corona Regulation, which has been in force since January 28th, 2022. Due to the current incidence of hospitalization and the occupancy of intensive care beds, Baden-Württemberg will no longer be in alert level II from January 28th, 2022, but in alert level I. This means a relaxation for us.

From now on, the 2G rule applies in the Shala. A test is therefore no longer necessary for vaccinated and recovered people.

As before, please show the relevant proof of the teacher, or send us an e-mail, so that we can enter the information in our member system.

These regulations also apply to self-practice with immediate effect. Please note these there as well and sign in the book when doing the self-practice also.

We will continue to offer the following teaching units online via Zoom:
- Led Class on Mondays from 7.30am to 9.00am
- Mysore hours on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings.
Let us know whe you are interested.

The complete current timetable you will find here.

Please note
There are no morning classes on moon days. However, the evening hours are also offered on moon days.


 Workshop for Beginners from April 13, 2022
The next beginner workshop will take place in April. It is a wonderful introduction to Ashtanga Yoga. All details about the course you will finde here.

 Workshop with Susanna Finocchi from April 19 to April 24, 2022
We are particularly pleased that Susanna Finocchi, who is deeply connected to the Shala for years, is coming back to Freiburg. Due to Corona, the last workshops with Susanna unfortunately had to be cancelled. We hope and we are sure that she can come in the Easter holidays 2022. All information about the workshop and registration you will find here.

 Workshop with Anna Rossow from October 28 to November 1, 2022
The details are not yet available, but it is certain that Anna Rossow will come back to us to Freiburg. We're really glad.

Best regards
Your board team | Tanja, Gabi, Anja, Sylvain, Johannes




In the tradition of the Ashtanga Yoga method practitioners are supposed to take a rest on full and new moon days due to the higher risk of injury on such days . This is why the Ashtanga yoga shala will stay closed for mysore stlye classes on the following days: 

Hier die Mondtage 2019:


  • Montag 04.02(Neumond)
  • Dienstag 19.02 (Vollmond)
  • Mittwoch 06.03 (Neumond)
  • Donnerstag 21.03 (Vollmond)
  • Freitag 05.04 (Neumond)
  • Freitag 19.04 (Vollmond)
  • Sonntag 05.05 (Neumond)
  • Samstag 18.05 (Vollmond)
  • Montag 03.06 (Neumond)
  • Montag 17.06 (Vollmond)
  • Dienstag 02.07 (Neumond)
  • Dienstag 16.07 (Vollmond)
  • Donnerstag 01.08 (Neumond)
  • Donnerstag 15.08 (Vollmond)
  • Freitag 30.08 (Neumond)
  • Samstag 14.09 (Vollmond)
  • Samstag 28.09 (Neumond)
  • Sonntag 13.10 (Vollmond)
  • Montag 28.10 (Neumond)
  • Dienstag 12.11 (Vollmond)
  • Dienstag 26.11 (Neumond)
  • Donnerstag 12.12 (Vollmoond)
  • Donnerstag 26.12 (Neumond)