Klangschale 10.jpgSummerholiday

It's summer. All classes on Wednesday 5pm and Friday 5pm are cancelled for the next few months. Check out our website and let's see what our September schedule holds in store!


"Little Mysore" in Freiburg! 4 Weeks, 6 Days a Week with Susanna Finocchi from 15 April until 11 May 2019!!! More info here!


In the tradition of the Ashtanga Yoga method practitioners are supposed to take a rest on full and new moon days due to the higher risk of injury on such days . This is why the Ashtanga yoga shala will stay closed for mysore stlye classes on the following days: 

Moondays 2018:

Wednesday, 17 January New moon

Wednesday, 31 January Full moon 

Thursday, 15 February New moon 

Friday, 2 March Full moon

Saturday, 17 March New moon

Saturday, 31 March Full moon 

Monday, 16 April New moon 

Monday, 30 April Full moon 

Tuesday, 15 May New moon 

Tuesday, 29. May Full moon

Wednesday, 13 June New moon 

Thursday, 28 June Full moon 

Friday, 13 July New moon 

Friday, 27 July Full moon 

Saturday, 11. August New moon

Sunday, 26. August Full moon

Sunday, 9. September New moon

Tuesday, 25. September Full moon

Tuesday, 9. October New moon

Wednesday, 24. October Full moon

Wednesday, 7. November New moon

Friday, 23. November Full moon

Friday, 7. December New moon

Saturday, 22. December Full moon