News for August

It is accomlished!
We have news from the register of associations and can now officially call ourselves a registered association. We have received a wide range of support on the way to becoming a registered association. Thank you very much, every little support was and is very valuable to us to continue the Shala.

Timetable development
For the first of July we started with a well-filled, but not yet perfectly filled, timetable. We definitely want to meet the requests for more lessons early in the morning and later in the morning. We hope that our financial means will allow us to offer an extended schedule with our teachers Gabi, Miriam, Katharina, Asle and Caro from mid-September.

Timetable during the summer vacation
We are currently working on a timetable for the summer vacation. You will find the plan on the website by the end of July. There will certainly be some representations and opportunities for self practice. However, the shala will not be closed and there will be plenty of room to practice.


City Retreat | 31.7.-5.8.
At the beginning of the summer vacation, a city retreat takes place in the Shala. Our teacher Gabi Meder offers the City Retreat for beginners and advanced. The retreat is a wonderful opportunity to practice Ashtanga Yoga with Gabi intensively over 3 or 6 days. Be there.

Beginner course | From 8/20
The Ashtanga Yoga beginners course is a gentle introduction to Ashtanga Yoga and a good basis for taking part in the guided lessons and the Mysore classes. Tanja Polzin offers the beginner course on 6 dates. Flyers are available in the Shala and are welcome to be taken along and passed on.

Little Mysore | 9.11.-21.11.
Due to the corona situation, the workshop with Susanna Finocchi was postponed and shortened. But, fortunately, it still happens. So Susanna comes to the Shala one more time. We're glad.

Our request to you

Financial resources and members are required for a lively shala, a well-filled timetable and many exciting workshops. Help us to get even more people excited about Ashtanga Yoga and our little Shala. Like to pass on flyers and tell about us. We look forward to a lively community.


In the tradition of the Ashtanga Yoga method practitioners are supposed to take a rest on full and new moon days due to the higher risk of injury on such days . This is why the Ashtanga yoga shala will stay closed for mysore stlye classes on the following days: 

Hier die Mondtage 2019:


  • Montag 04.02(Neumond)
  • Dienstag 19.02 (Vollmond)
  • Mittwoch 06.03 (Neumond)
  • Donnerstag 21.03 (Vollmond)
  • Freitag 05.04 (Neumond)
  • Freitag 19.04 (Vollmond)
  • Sonntag 05.05 (Neumond)
  • Samstag 18.05 (Vollmond)
  • Montag 03.06 (Neumond)
  • Montag 17.06 (Vollmond)
  • Dienstag 02.07 (Neumond)
  • Dienstag 16.07 (Vollmond)
  • Donnerstag 01.08 (Neumond)
  • Donnerstag 15.08 (Vollmond)
  • Freitag 30.08 (Neumond)
  • Samstag 14.09 (Vollmond)
  • Samstag 28.09 (Neumond)
  • Sonntag 13.10 (Vollmond)
  • Montag 28.10 (Neumond)
  • Dienstag 12.11 (Vollmond)
  • Dienstag 26.11 (Neumond)
  • Donnerstag 12.12 (Vollmoond)
  • Donnerstag 26.12 (Neumond)