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New classes starting from 16 September 2019

We hope you had lovely summer holidays. We will start with new classes from September 16!! 

Here is the new class schedule: 

Tuesday from 8-9.30 am Caro will teach a Mysore class. 

Wednesday's Beginners evening class is replaced by Thursday evening Beginners from 6.30-8 pm. 

Friday morning will be from 8-11 am. 

Class on Friday evening is cancelled. 

We hope to see you on the mat soon!


New Prices

For a long time we haven't raised our prices but in order to be there for you more consistently we will have to do so for new members from now on and for members with a monthly contract from January 2020 on. Check out the new price schedule on our website!


"Little Mysore" in Freiburg! 4 Weeks, 6 Days a Week with Susanna Finocchi from 13 April until 9 May 2020!!! More info here!


In the tradition of the Ashtanga Yoga method practitioners are supposed to take a rest on full and new moon days due to the higher risk of injury on such days . This is why the Ashtanga yoga shala will stay closed for mysore stlye classes on the following days: 

Hier die Mondtage 2019:


  • Montag 04.02(Neumond)
  • Dienstag 19.02 (Vollmond)
  • Mittwoch 06.03 (Neumond)
  • Donnerstag 21.03 (Vollmond)
  • Freitag 05.04 (Neumond)
  • Freitag 19.04 (Vollmond)
  • Sonntag 05.05 (Neumond)
  • Samstag 18.05 (Vollmond)
  • Montag 03.06 (Neumond)
  • Montag 17.06 (Vollmond)
  • Dienstag 02.07 (Neumond)
  • Dienstag 16.07 (Vollmond)
  • Donnerstag 01.08 (Neumond)
  • Donnerstag 15.08 (Vollmond)
  • Freitag 30.08 (Neumond)
  • Samstag 14.09 (Vollmond)
  • Samstag 28.09 (Neumond)
  • Sonntag 13.10 (Vollmond)
  • Montag 28.10 (Neumond)
  • Dienstag 12.11 (Vollmond)
  • Dienstag 26.11 (Neumond)
  • Donnerstag 12.12 (Vollmoond)
  • Donnerstag 26.12 (Neumond)