Shala Etiquette

Because you can start your practice quite flexibly in a mysore style setting there is of course a lot of coming and going. We highly appreciate the flexibility a mysore class offers because you can practice respecting your daily schedule and physical condition. 

However, our rooms do not offer a wide space to come and go. This is why we would like you to respect the following guidelines so that we can get together in harmony. 

  • Please, be on time for the intro classes and the led classes. When there is a mysore style class you can choose the time most suitable for you in the given time slot. 
  • Please, take your shoes off before entering the practice room. 
  • Switch off your mobile phones.
  • Choose comfortable clothing.
  • Try not to eat heavy food at least 3 hours before starting your practice.
  • Drink plenty of water one hour before class but try not to drink anything while practicing.
  • Keep us informed about any illnesses, a pregnancy, physical restraints or other medical conditions we should know about. 
  • Do not add or cancel asanas, try to stick to the Ashtanga sequence. 
  • Stay on your own mat and try not to assist any other participants. 
  • Do not try new asanas unless having talked to your teacher first. 
  • Respect your limitations. 
  • Before finishing your practice try to give the finishing sequence at least 10 minutes time to calm down the body.
  • Practice mindfully. 
  • After practice, please, desinfect your mat with the spray you find in the shala. Try not to disturb others while doing so. And hang your mat on the hangers next to the stairs. 
  • You are welcome to stay after class, have a cup of tea or a look at our shop or library.