Miriam Schlotter

Yoga teacher training (BdY-2 years), teacher in secondary school (sports, maths, French), degree in sports/business administration at the German University for Sports in Cologne, intensive mentoring and support by  Susanna Finocchi and Jens Bache, Copenhagen.

Since 1998 I have been practicing hatha yoga regularly and in 2000 I started training to become a yoga teacher with Dr. Christian Fuchs (BdY). In 2005 I discovered Ashtanga yoga and since then I have been practicing daily. I was lucky to find Susanna Finocchi and Jens Bache (Astanga Yoga Copenhagen) to go to and ask for advice regularly. Being a mother of two boys, it wasn't easy for me to go abroad for a long time. But with Susanna and Jens so close by, Katharina and I could fly to Copenhagen and Susanna and Jens could come to Freiburg to teach us and the yoga community in Freiburg on a regular basis. Susanna and Jens have given us guidance from the first moment onwards. I feel like this has rooted our shala in the Mysore tradition. Since 2011 we have been attending Sharath's workshops in Copenhagen. Finally, for the first time in 2014, I was able to go to the source, Mysore, and study with Saraswathi Rangaswamy. This time my family could come along as it was August and the kids were on holiday from school. In 2015, due to an illness, I could study and deepen my practice with Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois. 

Ashtanga yoga is intriguing to me especially because it is very structured and guides you in your daily life. Practicing the same sequence every day does not become boring and monotonous to me but instead I feel how intense and deep my practice has become over the years. My body has changed and I have become so familiar with the practice that I can say it is a kind of meditation for me. 

In April 2009 Katharina and I founded the Ashtanga Yogastudio Freiburg. It is supposed to give space to people interested in this demanding and highly beneficial from of yoga.

Katharina Krank

Teacher at High School (German, English), Master of Applied Linguistics, Intensive Support and Mentoring by Susanna Finocchi and Jens Bache (Astanga Yoga Copenhagen)

In 2008 I had the chance to travel to the source of yoga in Mysore, India, and study with Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois. The last class of my visit was a led class conducted by Guruji, Pattabhi Jois. Even today I remember how blessed I felt after this month. Since then I have been practicing daily. I kept practicing with Miriam and from 2007 onwards we were lucky to find Susanna Finocchi and Jens Bache from Copenhagen, who have been guiding us as friends and mentors for several years now. They encouraged us to deepen our connection with the source and thus we have been attending Sharath's workshops in Copenhagen every two years since 2011. Thanks to Susanna and Jens for making this happen. 

I gave birth to my daughter Alma in 2013 and eight months later I managed to return to Mysore with my family studying with Saraswathi Rangaswamy, Sharath's mother, for one month in August. It was a special time to be in Mysore with my family and this is why I really wanted to return. After my son was born, we went again as a family of four and this time I was blessed to be able to study under the guidance of R. Sharath Jois in January 2016. Especially being a mother has deepened my practice and more than ever I daily feel the need to be on my mat. 

For me, Ashtanga yoga is how I find balance and serenity for all the other areas of my life. It is so fascinating how the body develops with a regular practice, how your own limits are tested on the mat and then gradually transformed.  

I deeply look forward to sharing this experience with you! 

Christian Lintner
Anett Falkenhagen (teaches yoga during pregnancy)

Yoga teacher (teacher training with Spirit Yoga Berlin 2006, YogaAlliance)
Teacher of F.M. Alexandertechnik since 2005 (ATDV)
Pre- and Postnatal Yoga teacher training 2007 with Spirit Yoga Berlin (YogaAlliance)
Degree in political economy

My first deep encounter with yoga happened when I started my Alexandertechnik-traning in 2002. I first came in touch with the study of yoga philosophy, meditation and only a few asanas practiced in hatha yoga. Later in 2004 I then learned about Ashtanga yoga, which I then practiced intensively for two years, before I started my Vinyasa teacher training in 2006. But Ashtanga yoga has always remained part of my life. I am fascinated by the flowing change of movements which gives energy and also has a healing effect. After the training in pre- and postnatal yoga I was pregnant myself and thus I could feel in my own body how much yoga can help during this intense and special time for body and soul.    

Friederike (Kinderbetreuerin)

Ich bin Friederike und werde ab März 2018 wieder die Kinderbetreuerin sein. Ich bin 39, verheiratet und habe zwei Kinder, die drei und sechs Jahre alt sind. In den vergangenen Jahren habe ich sehr viel Zeit auf den Spielplätzen der Stadt verbracht, mal mit meinen eigenen Kindern, mal mit den Yogakindern.

Aber auch den Betreuungsraum kenne ich in – und auswendig, da ich bereits ein Jahr lang dort die Vorgängerin von Kelly war.
Ob Babys in den Schlaf singen, Kleinkinder bei ihren ersten Schritten begleiten oder mit den Kindergartenkindern Laternen basteln, mich erfüllt all dies und macht mir großen Spaß. Nicht nur die Kinder, auch die Mütter liegen mir dabei am Herzen.

Wenn ich nicht gerade auf kleine Wirbelwinde aufpasse, mache ich Ashtanga Yoga oder tanze Flamenco.

Ich freue mich auf euch!