Child Care


There is currently no childcare. At the moment we want to concentrate on offering regular classes again. If the restart has emerged well and there is need, we can offer childcare again later.

Child Care

For all mothers and fathers who would like to practice with us during their parental leave or afterwards, we offer child care service during four of our mysore style classes per week. You can bring your child to yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mid morning. 

The children then stay in a separate room close to the room where everybody practices. If the weather is nice, our child care workers like to go outside to the playground nearby. Responsible for our child care service is Friederike Marx-Kohlstädt.  

We want to take really good care of your children while you do your yoga practice. This is why we only offer child care services during the mysore stlye classes. During a mysore class you are much more flexible to react to the needs of your child and not limited to our starting times. At the beginning of your time with your child with us we would like you to bring a little time. It might take a while until your child has become adapted to the new environment and new people. It could be the case that your practice will only be quite short at the beginning, e.g. doing a few sun salutations. As soon as your child feels at home you can slowly start to increase the amount of time you spend on the mat.   

In case you children are under 3 years old we like to take extra care at the beginning. In case we expect 3-4 children or more we try to have two child care workers present. This is why we would like you to tell us in advance in case you would like to bring your child. We recommend that you pick one or two days when you want to come regularly. This'll help us and your child. Of course, when having children things cannot always be planned and so it is fine if you have to cancel spontaneously, if your child is sick or anything else comes across. For further enquiries and registration please contact Friederike

Our child care service costs 5€/child. 

Here is what we offer:

0-2 year olds:
Games with movement, e.g. tunnel
playing with balls
reading books
toys and dolls

2-5 year olds:
puzzles and memory games
drawing and coloring
drawing mandalas
handicraft works
cars and car parking lot

In the area, there are four different playground which offer a wide range of swings, seesaws, sandboxes and slides. We like to collect leaves, chestnuts and sticks to build sand castles and to play with them on the playground.