The Vinyasa Method

Ashtanga Yoga, as it was taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, is based on a special method which is said to originate in the Yoga Korunta, a mystic document by Rishi Vamana which includes the famous sentence: “Oh yogi, do not practice asana without vinyasa!”

The Vinyasa method describes and defines the exact number of breaths it takes to move into and out of certain asanas.

By synchronising movement, deep and free breath and the energy locks (the bandhas), heat is created which helps to cleanse the whole body.

Vinyasa also means that all the asanas in the series are connected.

Vinyasa helps to regulate the breath and increases the intake of oxygen in the blood.

It also helps to strengthen the body and to align it in a natural way.

Because the mind is focused on the exact number of breaths, your mind will stay focused and your breath will become more equal. Thus slowly and over time you will reach a certain meditative state while practicing.