Prenatal Yoga

Yoga during Pregnancy in the Ashtanga Yoga Studio Freiburg

Being pregnant is a unique time. Precious life is being formed. Give this time in your life some space. Prenatal yoga at the Ashtanga yoga studio Freiburg is designed as a flowing and dynamic yoga practice and inspired by the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Asanas will be modified so that they fit to your changing body during pregnancy. The aim is to energize and soften the body. This is why we focus on building strength through asanas but also giving the body time to relax into the poses. During pregnancy we can try to find good posture and dissolve tensions in the body. Even some of the symptoms typically associated with pregnancy, e.g. indigestion, back pain, hormonal imbalances or simply fear can be attentuated. Giving birth requires flexibility, relaxation, intuition, strength, and at the same time willingness to surrender. All these are qualities you can practice beforehand. In prenatal yoga we specifically work with the breath and the pelvic floor in order to connect with the unborn child. At the end of every yoga practice there is shavasana, a deep relaxation. Shavasana is about letting go, about calming the mind and connecting with the life within us. I sometimes complement this by adding elements of yoga nidra, a special method of deep relaxation.    

Who can practice Prenatal Yoga? 

During pregnancy a new life grows within you and your body changes. Due to hormonal changes, the body often becomes more flexible, muscles and tissues and all joints change to create a little more space for the baby during birth. This is why yoga asanas sometimes have to be modified to adapt to those changes. Prenatal yoga which focuses on dynamic and flowing movements is good for everyone looking for a more energetic practice. However, all postures can be modified and made fit for your own body. This means that there is no separation of beginners and advanced students. The aim of my prenatal yoga class is to find a common flow while looking at your individual needs at the same time. Teaching yoga for several years now, has shown me how much women going through this fascinating time can benefit from this kind of practice.